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Welcome to Rolfing

If you are looking to live and move with greater ease, less pain and improved posture, I can help.

I offer a holistic system of bodywork called Rolfing® Structural Integration. Rolfing returns a person's body to a more ideal state of balance and alignment. This is facilitated through a process of gentle soft-tissue manipulation and movement re-education.

Within our body is a web-like system of connective tissue, called fascia. This system binds our body together, connecting our bones, ligaments, nerves and organs. When stress and injury take their toll, unhealthy compensation and misalignment is created within this important system, causing us pain and discomfort. Rolfing focuses on systematically re-organizing the body's fascia to release tension or adhesion that have built up over the years.

From bending down to pick up your child with ease or summiting one of New Hampshire's 4,000 Footers with energy to spare, I can help return your body to a more natural and comfortable state with Rolfing.

"When the body gets working appropriately, the forces of gravity can flow through, then spontaneously, the body heals itself. " -Dr. Ida P. Rolf

Success Stories

I have just finished my 10-session Rolfing series with Kelly Diamond. I feel less tension in my body; I am more relaxed and 'grounded' as I walk and I've noticed that my right foot (which always seemed to splay outwards) is straighter.

Leslie V. | Nursery Owner

I first came upon Rolfing at the Bikram Yoga Concord five year anniversary in mid November 2013. I remember this wonderful feeling in my fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and elbow joint areas after an abbreviated session on my arms.

Stuart C. | Dentist

Freedom is the best word to describe my Rolfing experience…freedom from pain, freedom of movement, freedom to extend my body in ways that would not have been possible before the treatments.The 10 treatment sessions have helped me more than physical therapy did, and have enabled my body to move in more comfort than before. I would highly recommend Rolfing to anyone who has limited body movement due to old injuries!

~Debbie A. , Teacher

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Schedule an Appointment Today
Call: 603.340.0578