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What to Expect

Does Rolfing hurt?

Rolfing has a age old reputation for being painful. Through exeperience and research, Rolfers have learned that it is no longer necessary to work under the assumption of "no pain, no gain" in order achieve positive results. In my practice, the client's comfort and participation is paramount. We will work together to establish a level of physical intensity that is appropriate for you. Please understand, that as we work through certain areas there may be momentary intense sensations that are typically followed by a feeling of release.

How is Rolfing different than chiropractic?

Chiropractic works specifically with adjusting bone to improve the body's alignment. In contrast, Rolfing works specifically with re-organizing the body's connective tissue (fascia). When a bone is misaligned, a fascial restriction occurs. When the bone is put back into place with the fascial restriction remaining, it may not stay in place.

How is Rolfing different than massage?

Massage focuses on relaxation and relieving tension and knots in the muscles. Rolfing focuses on connective tissue (fascia) rather than muscles. Fascia surrounds and permeates the muscle fibers acting as a protective layer. It is this protective layer that gets re-organized, improving posture and alignment long term. When the body structure becomes more organized, chronic strains are alleviated and pain and stress decreased.

How is Rolfing different from Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a treatment for a specific part of the body. Rolfing looks at the entire body to restore ideal movement. By attending both the injury and any secondary pain that may have developed from overcompensation, Rolfing can help speed up the injury recovery process.

What is a typical session like?

Each session is unique to the client. I begin every session with a brief check in (How are you feeling in your body today?). I will ask you to stand and walk, while I observe postural and movement patterns and the changes from session to session. Hands on work is done on a comfortable table or seated on a bench. You are encouraged to participate during the session, as I will often ask you to move in a specific way to increase the effectiveness of the hands on work.

How often should I have a Rolfing session?

If a client is receiving either a 3 or 10 Series, I recommend spacing the sessions either one or two weeks apart. This will allow sufficient time to integrate the changes between sessions.

What should I wear to a session?

Wear light clothing that will keep you comfortable while laying down, standing, sitting, and walking. For women running shorts and a jog bra, two piece bathing suit, or underwear work well. For men, running shorts or underwear.

Is Rolfing covered by insurance?

No, however I can provide receipts that you can submit to your insurer or health care savings plan for reimbursement.

Success Stories

I have just finished my 10-session Rolfing series with Kelly Diamond. I feel less tension in my body; I am more relaxed and 'grounded' as I walk and I've noticed that my right foot (which always seemed to splay outwards) is straighter.

Leslie V. | Nursery Owner

I first came upon Rolfing at the Bikram Yoga Concord five year anniversary in mid November 2013. I remember this wonderful feeling in my fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, and elbow joint areas after an abbreviated session on my arms.

Stuart C. | Dentist

Freedom is the best word to describe my Rolfing experience…freedom from pain, freedom of movement, freedom to extend my body in ways that would not have been possible before the treatments.The 10 treatment sessions have helped me more than physical therapy did, and have enabled my body to move in more comfort than before. I would highly recommend Rolfing to anyone who has limited body movement due to old injuries!

~Debbie A. , Teacher

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